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220-240VDC Triac/ELV Dimmer Walldim105E1

Item: Walldim105E1

Input voltage: 220-240VAC
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
Panel size: 86*86*44mm(W*H*D)


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220-240VDC Triac/ELV Dimmer Walldim105E1


1. Support leading edge dimming
2. Suitable for TRIAC dimming driver, incandescent lamps,halogen lamps and other loads
3. ABS material, high flame retardant
4. Fashion, and easy to use
5. Used in the study, bedroom, restaurant,bars and other places need dimming control
6. Suitable for installation in European and domestic electrical boxes

Technical Parameters

Model Walldim105E1
Input voltage 220-240VAC
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Load type Incandescent lamp: 500W
Halogen lamps: 500W
Dimmable leds: 300W
TRIAC dimming driver: 300W
Panel color Ivory-white
Panel size 86*86*44mm(W*H*D)
Packing size 104*104*52mm(W*H*D)
G.W. 140g
Working temp. -10℃ ~ 55>℃

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