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Euchips Controls Every Lamp, Makes the Lighting Shining to Reveal the Charm of Art Time is advancing, science and technology is developing. From the original fire to Edison's bulb, now you can see colorful lighting all over the world. In the primitive ages, people used fire to protect their families from wild animals at night. However, nowadays people pursue visual enjoyment. As demand increases, LED dimming mode walks intelligentize and hommization.

As the pioneer of LED lighting system manufacture, Shanghai Euchips always pursues to control every lamp and makes the lighting shining to reveal the charm of art. Euchips' LED control system is divided into: DMX control system, DALI control system, 0-10V/1-10V dimming system, Triac dimming system.

Firstly, let's introduce DMX control system briefly. Compared with traditional analogue dimming system, DMX control system based on DMX512 standard control protocol offer powerful control function to large and medium-sized indoor and outdoor LED lighting and indoor LED RGB colorful lighting. Revised DMX512-A standard protocol which supports two-way transports, DMX control system can pass back error diagnostic reports of lighting and other information. What's more, it can be compatible with all lighting equipments meeting DMX512 standards. A DMX interface just only controls 512 channels. Nowadays Euchips researchs and produces multiple DMX control systems: DMX master controllers, DMX decoder, DMX amplifiers, etc. Moreover, Euchips owns strong PC software which programs the lighting effects. Users can download the software programmed by PC to DMX master control equipments. DMX control system was widely used in stages, theatres, studios, clubs, bars, hotels, etc. Secondly, let's talk about DALI control system.

DALI is a special protocol for lighting control. DALI association owns more than 120 international companies in the lighting industries. Euchips is a member of DALI association. One of the benefits of DALI is the flexibility in the way that devices may be addressed. A large member of groups and scenes can be pre-selected to enable the lighting installation to be quickly adapted to suit a wide range of application. Thirdly, let's discuss 0-10V/1-10V control system. Euchips' 0-10V, 1-10V, PWM series dimmable drivers and power supply solved the compatible problems successfully between fluorescent lamps dimming system and LED lighting. They are widely used with various kinds of capacity dimming system to control the LED ceiling lights, LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED wallwashers, LED strip lights and so on. Our 0-10V/1-10V dimmer support both liner and logarithmic dimming curve, dimming the lights very smoothly with various famous lighting systems, such as Lutron, Dynalite, Schneider, Clipsal, Osram, Philips, ABB and so on. At last, let's introduce Triac control system briefly.

Leading edge dimmer usually uses thyristor as a switching device, so it is also known as Triac dimmer. It starts working from a 0-phase AC voltage, waiting for the trigger to be turned on. Then the AC voltage will bedelivered to the load. Changing sine wave by adjusting the conduction angle of each AC half-wave, thereby changing the effective value of the alternating current, in order to achieve the purpose of dimming.

Leading edge dimmer has low costs and is compatible with existing lines, no need of rewiring. So it dominates the market. Most manufacturers also use this type dimmer. Trailing edge dimmer turns on immediately after a half-wave of the AC voltage begins, when the half-wave voltage reaches the set conduction angle, device shuts down immediately. Similar to Leading edge dimmer, Trailing edge dimmer achieves the purpose of dimming by adjusting the conduction angle. Trailing edge phase cut dimmer usually uses MOSFET as a switching device but not thyristor, because device won't shut down immediately but have to wait until the half-wave voltage pass through zero. Trailing edge phase control dimmer is composed with the trailing edge phase controller, an active switch, zero-crossing detection circuit and overload protection circuit. It can dim incandescent lamps and adapt the electronic transformer load very well. It works very stably and can be widely used. Compared to Leading edge phase cut dimmer, Trailing edge can theoretically better match with LED sources because there is no minimum current requirement.

Euchips also has wireless controller series, intelligent lamps, LED power amplifier and so on. Euchips' goal is to provide the perfect lighting solution for customers.