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DALI application          Published: 2015-12-09 16:12:27

DALI is tailor made for modern lighting solutions. Each luminaire is individually addressable; a large number of groups and scenes can be pre-selected to enable the lighting installation to be quickly adapted to suit a wide range of applications. When controlling the light sources based on daylight sensing, presence detection and personal control, user friendly installations can be realized as well as energy efficient installations.

A DALI system could be as small as a single luminaire, but is scalable to multiple systems across a building or more, where DALI systems can be connected together using lighting hubs/routers.

Constant Current DALI Driver:

led driver
led dimmable driver
dali driver
dali led driver
dali dimmable led driver
11W 500mA
20W 350/500/700mA
25W 350/500/700mA
60W 1050/1200/1400mA
12W 280/350/500mA