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DALI is global          Published: 2015-12-09 16:17:16

Due to the growth of LED, the increasing demand for energy saving and growing awareness of lighting control systems, DALI has become more important than ever before.

With almost 120 active members the DALI working party is keeping it on its growth trajectories in 2014 and beyond. The focus is to raise the international awareness of the DALI protocol and its acknowledged logo. Thanks to the work of the working groups the DALI working party was able to achieve its goals and the interest in DALI has become much more international, with a tremendous growth in membership. The DALI working party will consistently follow the strategy of internationalisation and overcome the challenges of the future together with its members.

Constant Voltage DALI Driver Diagram:

driver dali

Constant Voltage DALI Driver TouchDim Diagram:

dali dimming driver